The profound statement above is exactly how and
why you are who you are, why you do or don't do what you do.

The sum of your previous thoughts and actions are exactly how you..... came to be you!

At Thought Masters™ we are specialists in teaching highly intelligent people how to undo years of stinking thinking which is the root cause of depression, anxiety and other mental malady's.

No pills, shock treatments or endless years of therapy here.

A huge number of people in the US have been misdirected to believe that they can master time, multi-tasking and even defy the laws of physics. Like being in two places at the same time or extending a day into 30 hours.

Yes,  we agree that what you think about is probably doable, providing you have devoted the time and place to implement your thoughts into viable action plans. Thinking is one thing, doing what you think is another. In the real world there are no super people who can do two projects simultaneously. Its one or the other never both

Over achievers, brainiacs, perfectionists, great thinkers, idealists, earth mothers, Mensa members etc. have myriads of ideas in their heads but rarely are able to carry out those thoughts to completion due to the way they THINK.  They start all sorts of projects that never seem to get finished because another great idea comes up and takes precedent over the current project. These unfinished projects are rarely put away or trashed but left sitting where they become a constant reminder of a failed effort.

When the reality of failure strikes anxiety, depression and other mental symptoms appear.  When it gets to be too much pain medical help is sought and more often than not the diagnosis is often referred to as ADD, ADHD, OCD's chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and other hard to define maladies .

The result of over-learning is having far too many options in their lives. The primary obstacle of being able to  accomplish everything you THINK about is time. You can think about hundreds or thousands of things a day to do. The catch is having the time to do even one of those many things. These thoughts end up being chronic clutter in the mind that always manifest itself in material things that generally end up misplaced. Paper, products, crafts, parts, tools, equipment, books, magazines, clothing, ephemera, even food is abandoned where it was last put to rest in order to move on to the next "project".

The net result is that your mind creates the environment that you live and work in.  Projects and stuff everywhere on every horizontal surface and hanging on every door and hook too. If it is not stopped the new stuff ends up on the floor and then on top of previous "things to do" books, news papers and so on. 

You think the solution is to buy a book or two on clutter management. These too end up on the pile and create more clutter. Boxes, containers, shelves to store stuff end up as more clutter.

A cluttered mind creates a cluttered home, office, relationships, and a stressful life laden with anxiety and sickness.

Humans are forever in the process of creating our reality by thinking about it in an individualized and global manner. That scientific fact reflects but one grain of sand on the beaches of the world of our attempt at understanding who we are. 

A tiny shift in your thoughts or your perception will induce totally different way of experiencing your phenomenal world and controlling it to your desires.

How do we get to be this way?

It takes time to program yourself to do the things you are doing or the things that you don't do.

Did you ever THINK about why or how you do what you do? Probably to some degree, but like most people you have never had the tools available to open up you own mind, look inside and find out how it works any more than you can open a cell phone and see how it works .

Few people ever question. How do I think?  We are however, experts of questioning how other people think.  What were you thinking?  We ask.

Question: Why doesn't the society in which we live teach us this well kept secret about how we think and how we act?

Answer: The secret is that big business and governments exist and survive only because you have never learned how to truly think about what is in your best interest. 

Somehow you have allowed "The System" to mis-educate you into believing "more is better." The economy of our country depends on your need to acquire "things of every size and kind" to have and to hold.  "The System" is designed to create addictions which are good for economy but not you.  Some of whom you may never guess as an addiction. 

To start ..  what is an information addict?  

What is an addict?

When most folks think about addicts we picture a wino or a drug addict staggering or laying in the street.   Addictions cover an enormous range of behavior. 

The questions are endless. When does a wine drinker or a newspaper reader become an addict? If it is OK to drink 2 glasses of wine with dinner at what point does one become a wino? 

If it is OK to keep last weeks newspapers or a few magazines how high does the pile need to be to become an information junkie? What we rarely see are the million or so Information addicts whose homes are filled to the ceiling with books, magazines and periodicals because these people are addicted to "education or knowledge" or the millions of shopaholics who sit at home watching QVC and HSN  who buy stuff just because they can afford to do so and never use what they buy.

If it is ok to put a quarter in a slot machine, why do some people lose their homes trying to beat the system gambling?

It is the way one thinks about what they are doing?  Thinking and how you think is the reason.

When and if you understand how you think you become more powerful than big business,  organized religions and governments combined.  None of these entities can afford to have you learn how to be a free thinker.

  Is not education, government and religions here to help us?

To the contrary, education, governments, religions and the medical systems of the world have repressed true individual thinking since the beginning of time so that they can control the masses. Only a precious few have learned  this very simple fact. 

Thinking create images or pictures in your mind,
these images create feelings in your body,
these feelings create action or inactions that your body carries out

Right now you are thinking as you are reading this page and as you read the words your thinking is creating pictures in your mind. These pictures in your mind's eye create feelings in your body and those feelings are what causes you to do or not to things.

Your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what it perceives. If you want to change your life Mind Fitness Training can change your beliefs, most of which are hidden deep in your sub conscious mind.

It is not your fault that you have not learned this profound lesson until now. After all, you can only know what you have been taught or have learned thus far. Today  you don't have any reason not to take advantage of these facts of life and the opportunity before you.

Example of how it works

For you to be anywhere or to do anything like reading this page, you had to think first and after making a choice, to do or not to do,  your body did what it needed to do to carry out that thought. Open this page and start reading. As you are reading this page you are THINKING, you can't get out of THINKING until you die. Few realize it but your thoughts are the essence of your life!  

Great examples of thinking and how it creates your reality ...

If you THINK you are having a Great day....You ARE!

If you are thinking that you are having a stinking day, Your ARE?

If you think you are smart you are to the degree that you believe you are.

If you think you are an animal lover you are. If you don't like most people you don't.

If you think that you are a disorganize, procrastinating  slob, You probably are. On the other hand when you THINK that you are well organized and are always on time for appointments you are!

Every movement you make, every choice, every word you utter requires you to think. THOUGHT.

Some people have never given one thought about how they think or learn or how to unlearn certain things that they do.

And, yet these very people who end up reading these pages are more often than not college educated, most have advanced degrees and some have several degrees. This stuff is not taught in most colleges.

The people who find their way to these pages are very smart in certain matters and in other parts of their lives they are equally dysfunctional.

Where are you now?  Is it FEAR OR GREED?

You move toward what you like and away from what you fear.  Thought Masters is a serious and profound tool you can use to change your life providing you see it as a true benefit and not a loss.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

There is not one thing you can do now to change one thing that has happened in the past. What you can do is to make one decision to live today which will create your tomorrow.  The only day that counts is today.  Yesterday is gone and today, tomorrow will be your today so make it a great one.

If your home, office or mind is littered with stuff (clutter) it is a direct result of how you think and what actions or inactions your body takes or does NOT take following that thought.  With proper training you too can un-clutter your mind and thinking so that your actions and inactions will not be your worst enemy.

The  wonderful combination of  DISASTER MASTERS and Thought Masters we provide you with the on-site services to give you a new beginning in life.

We provide Disposophobics who are addicted to their stuff with high quality contents management and consulting services.  Our mission is to teach you how to think differently about stuff and how to live a more productive life without tons of inanimate objects.

Additionally we provide a host of other services and tools, equipment, information and one-on-one coaching to modify your THOUGHTS so that you can modify you life much like you may remodel a kitchen or bathroom.   Out  with the old and in with the new.

You can stop reading now and call for assistance at 1 800 The Plan. Ask for Ron or Melissa and you will be on your way to a new life with The FREEDOM PLAN.

If you need to read more to analyze this simple fact here it is again presented differently.

Smart people often have a hard time understanding simple things.

Let me explain. In great detail.  Stay with me on this simple stuff because I got to lay the foundation to hold the good stuff. It gets much better as we move on.

When you move your arm, walk, drive or ride a bicycle do you have to actively  THINK about what you are doing? NO. You do these things subconsciously.  

At one time in your life however you had to consciously and slowly learn how to walk, drive and ride a bike. Moreover you also learned to do a ton of stuff that my not be so good for you now.  Like riding a bicycle you never forget how after you learn and you may have also learned to avoid taking care of yourself too.

It may have worked for you in the distant past but now this same behavior is no longer working for you and may be working against you. As a kid you did not have all of the thoughts that you have now.

About human programming, it is a good thing

The human brain can be compared to a computer's hard drive.  The intuitive program ( Operating System) comes  installed in your head when you are born and that operating system is divided into two departments. 

The first I call  your conscious memory system and the other I call your sub-conscious memory.

Your Input Output ports (aka I O Ports) is how your brain (hardware)  which stores your mind (software).

Some also call this brainwashing when they don't like what is in your memory. Every living human has and is constantly being brain washed by the sensor or things that you allow in. 

The info pathway first enters the brain through your eyes, ears, nose, hands, which are the pathways to the hard drive which stores all of your memories, feelings, emotions  from the day you are born till now.

As a matter of fact as you read this, you are now wondering about your thoughts, how this page can help you and what you are about to learn next.

Like or not you  me and every human on the planet has been programmed by our environment, those around us but most of all .... ourselves.  You have learned how to be that way and you can learn how to be another or a different way with the proper coaching and a good support system. 

Mind Management Coaching and Training Services

Our coaching services are similar to tennis, skating Olympic coaches who undertake the task of teaching novices to become the best in the world. They train these athletes minds which in turn cause their bodies to perform as a result of muscle memory.

Coaching is not a new concept. Coaching and training has been developed and proven by millions of people over time.  How to think and remodel your life is relatively new especially Thought Masters as we focus on individuals who need to rethink and remodel their lives and now it is becoming available to you  Mind Management Training.

It is is the practice of self examination and self-healing that provides your sub conscious habits which have brought you this far.

With these tools you can keep or remodel your life as you see fit.  As Thought  Masters we serve our clients physical requirement to rid your space from debilitating material things and as Thought Masters we proved you with the mental gymnastics necessary to prevent the same problems from reoccurring.

The genesis  of our program involves time tested Neuro-Linguistic programming and utilization of solid  hypnotherapy techniques developed by Steven LaVelle of the Hypnodyne Foundation.

To assure the results of our coaching efforts we use verbal  feedback as well as test your sub-conscious feedback  using Kinesiology which is a method of checking the muscles in the body to see if they agree with what is being said by your brain.

Said another way, your sub conscious mind (Personal Programming)  has more control over your body and muscles than your conscious mind does so kinesiology is just one of the ways we can check progress.  

With Thought Masters self-healing modalities are used to change the structure and shift the unconscious patterns. You are then free to create a new reality of health, success, abundance, loving relationships … anything and everything you want in your life.

The following text is courtesy of Steven Lavelle, The Hypnodyne Foundation

What Exactly Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of heightened suggestibility which allows suggestions to be easily accepted by the subconscious mind. In hypnosis, very deep, long time habits can be eliminated in what seems to be an incredibly short time. Hypnosis and its uses in the practice of hypnotherapy is rapidly emerging as a highly effective science in solving the problems, habits and challenges of people.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is a means of communication between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. To understand this more clearly, let's talk about how the subconscious mind works.

The Subconscious Mind

• Is involved with memories, habits, addictions, compulsions, etc.
• It's nature is very childlike. It likes to play and have fun.
• It enjoys routines and moves into methodical procedures quite easily.
• It learns very well with a lot of repetition.
• It can be very demanding in what it wants and when, as is the case with additions.
• Forms beliefs, likes approval and familiarity.
• Most of the conditioning was formed from ages 0-7 years.
• Its response is automatic to whatever “programming” has been put in, much like a computer.

 What about cost of recovery?

Great question and concern. We are more interested in what it is costing you now to be the way you are and the dollars you may be wasting on useless efforts.

The cost of our recovery services are in direct proportion to the size complexity and efforts we must invest in to your clutter management project. The true cost can only be decided with an on site appraisal of you and your situation.  This is done by a personal one-on-one visit.

If you are outside of New York Metro area we employ digital photographs that you take of your situation and send them to us.

Call our office at 718 939 - 5800 to make an appointment. 

To learn more dial 1 800 The Plan or Email Form.

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